The Lot Valley The Aveyron/Cantal/Lot

Most of our properties are situated in the heart of the beautiful, serene Lot Valley in Southwest France between Aurillac and Rodez. The Lot is the longest river in southwest France, winding for almost 300 miles, from Mont Lozère down to the Garonne by which time it has widened with the waters of many tributaries—notably the Truyère, the Dourdou and the Célé. These rivers are the key to the picturesque Vallée du Lot shaping the landscape, agriculture, architecture and culture of the area.

Woods, meadows, gorges, cliffs, vineyards, farmland, orchards punctuate the landscape. Witness the wooden balconies of the old riverside tanneries, now flaunting their geraniums near the 11th-century bridge in Espalion. Houses in the flowery village of Sainte-Eulalie-d’Olt even have walls made of riverbed pebbles. The many medieval villages are largely untouched by tourism each one proudly maintained in the unique style of this area with “fish scale” roof tiled hoses

One of France’s best kept secrets, it is an area of outstanding natural beauty, the landscape unchanged for centuries where tradition holds and warmth

The medieval village of Entraygues sur Truyère nestling in the heart of the picturesque Vallée du Lot is the centre point for our properties. Entraygues is in the north of the Aveyron department (or county) It is here where the river Truyère tumbles out of the Auvergne and joins the river Lot.

Sheltered by the northern and easterly aspects of the Auvergne and Aubrac mountains, part of the Central massif, we enjoy a Mediterranean style climate with early spring, long summers, late autumns and consequently short winters. With the nearest Auto route 60 miles away and the nearest railway line 30 miles little has changed over the years and the Vallée du Lot remains a haven of peace and tranquility.